sábado, 14 de febrero de 2015

I hate Valentines...

Yes, indeed, I hate Valentines day!

There are many reasons to explain why: I find it kitsch and absurdly pretentious... Maybe I do not believe much in love either, at least not in a conventional way... I think the majority of the couples would most probably get apart with time if it would not be because of children or because it ends up being somehow confortable for both so, no, I am not a big believer in love I guess... Of course I think love exists but it is short-lived and only secret or platonic loves last with time and are not eroded by daily coexistance... 

It may sound cynical and probably also pessimistic, and why not also weird that I am writing a post on Valentines when I openly hate it... It comes to my mind a phrase from Woody Allen "Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television" ... And it is exactly that, how do we place and conceive something like Valentines? Sorry, it can only come from a bad TV series... But for sure the "implacable neurotic" Mr. Allen was the same one citing that "The only difference between sex and love is that sex relieves tension and love causes it"... And honestly, I could not agree more. Though not being at all obsessed with sex as he is, I admit being a bit neurotic which he perfectly defined as completely different from being psicotic; a psicotic basically thinks that two plus two make five, while we neurotic know they make four... but we do not like it! As simple as that!

How did I end up talking of Woody Allen and rephrasing him in a post dedicated to non-Valentines? Who knows...

Anyway, happy Valentines and till the next post!

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  1. He debido despistarme y no he procedido adecuadamente y no se ha quedado el comentario. Repito.
    Leído y en desacuerdo en el tema de fondo. "Siempre fuimos distintos por las ideas/ y amigos por encima de lo que sea", decía una vieja sevillana. Seguiremos hablando y conviviendo, queriéndonos, entiendo en paralelo y ya nos juntaremos en el infinito. Con cariño, espero.